Animatics / Storyboards / Research

My name is Jim, I have been working as an animator in the advertising industry since 1999. Having worked with many brands / agencies and studios, You can feel confident that your project will run as smoothly as possible.

I specialise in making animatics and thrive on the unique challenges and problem solving that have to be mastered to get a tricky script through research.

Animated content for online and social campaigns.

Working with the unforgiving turnarounds and budgets of animatics for many years has equipped me with the necessary skills to handle the pressure of a fast moving social content production schedule. 


Whether you require animation / animatics, editing, project managing or even advice on which studio to best place your project, get in touch. 

Having a great relationship with many of london's top studio's, illustrators and animators scaling up to meet even the most demanding projects is not a problem.